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General Information

With the ability to taper, bend and fabricate aluminium tube to almost any shape or form, Goldspar has supplied components for many sculptures worldwide. Sculptures have ranged from 40 m tall Christmas trees in Darling Harbour, Sydney, to corporate art installations in Sydney, Melbourne, and Hong Kong.

Using our advanced metal forming technology exciting high quality visual forms can be achieved. Sculptures, by definition, are custom made and our designers are pleased to work with artists from across the world.

Sculptures constructed in aluminium are extremely robust and can be used both internally and externally. Their lightweight form means hanging or fixing the sculptures to its base is simple.

The aluminium can be finished with a wide range of treatments, resulting in dramatic or subtle effects, as needed by the commission.

Why choose Goldspar?

Here at Goldspar we have over 40 years of experience producing long lasting aluminium products. We pride ourselves on being able to produce great quality products at low prices, using our specialised manufacturing expertise.

  • 40+ years experience

  • Market leader

  • Long lasting–buy and forget Reliability

  • 10 year warranty

  • Australian designed and made

  • Low cost – highest quality

  • Installation & Advisory

  • Environmentally sustainable



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